Things to keep in mind:

Rope system

There are three types of rope systems

External halyard

This system has ropes on the outside of the pole. This is the most common type of system and the cheapest option.

Internal halyard rope

This uses the same rope as the external rope but when the flag is up all the rope will be inside of the pole. There is a opening on the pole which has a cam cleat which allows you to lock the rope in place.

Internal halyard stainless steel cable

This pole uses 1/8 stainless steel cable that cranks up and down using a handle.

Size / butt diameter

There is a height of the pole which is above ground and then there is a butt diameter which is the thickest diameter of the pole. Our poles start from 5″ in diameter and the wall thickness starts at .125 wall thickness.


The options for flagpoles are fiber glass , aluminum and steel. Our recommendation for poles under 80′ would be aluminum. Fiberglass we typically do not install and steel would only be used for poles over 80′.


Aluminum flagpoles come stock in a silver satin finish, but can be anodized with a protective color coating at an additional cost. Aluminum poles can also be powdercoated in any paint color imaginable.

Wind speed rating

Each of these poles have a wind speed rating. Most poles can with stand 100 mph winds with the flag off.

The poles start at 20′ and go up in 5′ increments. We typically recommend going 30′ . The higher the pole is the better chance of the flag flying around.

Aluminum 20′ pole , satin finish , 5″ butt diameter , .125 wall thickness with installation is typically around $2500.This has about 1200 # of concrete.

Aluminum 30′ pole  , satin finish , 6″ butt diameter , .156 wall thickness with installation is typically around $3200.This has about  800 # of concrete.

Aluminum 50′ pole , satin finish , 10″ butt diameter , .188 wall thickness with installation is typically around $7750.

What is the process of getting a flagpole installed?

Give us a call / email and we first figure out what size pole you are looking to get. Once that is picked out we will pick a location when we are on site where you want the flagpole installed. The hole gets dug and we install typically a metal sleeve for an aluminum flagpole which the outside gets covered in concrete. The inside is where the pole goes into and the gap between the pole and the sleeve gets filled in with sand to hold it plumb. On a 20 ft pole there are around 10-12 bags of 80# concrete bags. After about an hour of the concrete drying  the pole gets erected but we tell customers to not fly the actual flag for 2 days.

Give us a call @ 516-224-7047 or send us an email to info@longislandflagrepair.com